Hey Y'all!

Joseph and I have been involved in dogs our whole lives! He has been coonhunting since he could walk and I have been showing dogs since I was old enough for AKC juniors. We met at a dog event in 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. We got married in October of 2016 and we welcomed out son into the world September of 2017. Marty, our son, loves the dogs and often travels with us to hunts and shows. We live on a large piece of land in Ragland, Alabama just off of Interstate 20. We hunt and show our dogs almost every weekend and we try to attend all of the big events that we can. Some of the bigger events that we do attend are: Coonhound- Autumn Oaks National Grand Championship, Winter Classic, PKC Prohunts, UKC State Events, and many more ; AKC- Royal Canin National Championship and Westminster Dog Show.

We are home to a few big winners, Bandit who is a Dual Grand was bred, raised, and trained by Joseph she has won nationally in many hunts. Julep was raised and trained by Brenna and has become a history maker to be the first and only Bluetick in AKC history to be a Hunting Champion and Conformation Champion. We aquired Jess from her breeder and she is known for some of her larger wins up north. We fell in love with her so we aquired her son and daughter(Diesel & Bella) and we are well on our way to hopefully winning nationally with them in hunts and shows. We also own and co-own MANY puppies out of Julep who are currently(2019) ranked in the top 20 blueticks in the country.

Joseph and I often disagree because he is the Treeing Walker man and I am the Bluetick woman. Then you throw in the Dachshunds which I grew up with and have bred and raised my whole life. I have had a few big winning doxies: Domino, who went above and beyond and has won basically everything, and Wilbur who is his son and has excelled in just being Wilbur. We now have Wilbur's nieces and plan to continue to show and campaign them in the future as well as the select few litters.

Joseph and I welcome you to our website and we would be glad to answer any questions that you may have. We are mainly involved with the breeding of Bluetick Coonhounds and we do have litters occasionally. Our site is always under construction and new stuff gets added frequently!

**Please be aware that Brenna is in the process of finishing her second Masters Degree in teaching and is a full time teacher, so emails or texts are often answered faster!**


Hope you enjoy our life as much as we do!

-Joseph and Brenna Carlisle