Families Only

Last Updated: 12/8/2020 3:20pm

Welcome to the Families Only page! Here is where I will post litters and waiting lists for each litter! I am excited for you to join the family!

Each puppy will come with:

-A Health Guarantee via Contract

-Vaccinations according to Dr.Dodd DVM vaccination protocol

-Health Records

-AKC/UKC papers(depending on the breeding pair)

-AKC ReUnite Indigo Universal Microchip*to be implanted by your vet

-AKC Breeder of Merit Gold Seal papers

-Starter puppy pack

Shipping will be done via ground by a canine chaperone or by air(under seat) by me the breeder. Shipping cost is at the expense of the buyer and must be paid 1 week prior to ship date. Absolutely NO puppies will be shipped underneath an airplane, unless agreed upon by breeder and buyer(for extenuating circumstances ONLY).

Contract/Guarantee is for buyer and seller for protection if problems arise. This guarantees your puppy from testable hereditary and congenital disorders that may arise. Please contact me to see the contract.

Picking Your Puppy is a process not just based on the order of the list. We breed puppies for a purpose so our families interested in having hunting or show puppies will get puppies chosen for them based on abilities and typically a higher priority. Not all puppies make pets, we try our best to raise all puppies in a loving in home environment but some puppies are simply traditional blueticks that love life outside and are not cut out as "pets". I will evaluate all litters accordingly and place puppies with the families that I see fit. Sometimes you will have a choice and sometimes you may not, please understand this is the best way to place puppies and it not to be harsh. I want everyone to be pleased but I have also been doing this long enough that I know where puppies should go. If you are looking for a certain color pattern or facial marking then please do not put your name on the list because we firmly believe there is more than just color; this includes a mentally sound dog that meets the AKC Breed Standard and has a healthy, solid background of top winning blueticks.

Show Program(ONLY AVAILABLE ON CERTAIN LITTERS- LOOK FOR THE SHOW PROGRAM LABEL!) is for families wanting a puppy to compete in AKC conformation dog shows. This does not mean that you have to show the dog yourselves. We offer families who would like a show quality puppy the opportunity to cover entry costs for the opportunity for us to show your puppy to their championship and grand championship. Puppies in this program will be discounted significantly and must be deemed show quality when they are placed with their families on a co-ownership contract. Families in this program must be located in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee OR must be willing to travel to bring their dog to shows. Please contact us if you are interested in this program, I promise it is worth it!!!

We are looking forward to working with you and helping set you up with your own Heritage Hound!

Contact us for any questions,

Brenna Carlisle



We will not be allowing any home or kennel visits. All delivery by hand has been suspended until further notice. Shipping of puppies will be under plane(depending on weather and breeders discretion). Puppies can also be delivered to the 48 states via private ground hauler. We will keep everyone up to date. Pictures/Facetime still provided to view puppies! 


AKC CH UKC GRCH Heritage Make It Rain(bred by Heritage Hounds)


Heritage Deepwoods Tikka (bred by Keith Puckett)-Show pointed


Photo to come

DUE Dec 20, 2020

There is NO "OFFICIAL" LIST for this litter. Performance homes should contact me for performance list. Whatever puppies that do not meet performance (show) will be available to APPROVED pet homes, please note I do have a lot of people waiting.  

CALL/TEXT 404-354-4124 for info

* All expected dates are subject to change according to natures plans and other conditions. Heritage Hounds has full right to take first pick puppy of either sex over deposit holders if they decide that they want a puppy for hunt/show.

Puppy Tips & Tricks


If you are Active Duty or Retired Military please let us know. We like to do special things for our heroes!

*With proof of valid Military ID